Message From the Hon. Secretary & Director General

I look upon health as primary need of upcoming generation for creating impact of Intelligence, Wisdom & Smartness and for Creating a Better World. Hence Training Programs of Nursing, Health care, Physiotherapy & other Paramedical Sciences is an imminent need for carving a career to serve the society. The Gokhale Education Society being pioneer in the field of Education & training having completed 100 years of Quality Service is now looking forward for providing Health care Education, training & careers for the new generation. It started with Preprimary, Primary, Secondary & Collegiate education facilities for the poor & down trodden & on completion of 50 years entered into professional training programmes in Teacher Education, Management Science, Law & Legal Education, Research in Arts, Science & Commerce and programmes for Women empowerment. In the decade leading to a centenary, Enginerring & Technology courses, Pharmacy, Degree & Diploma programmes & by turn of the centenary, programs paramedical as well as Health care & Professional courses in Medical faculty with Research and Innovation need are being introduced. After institute of Nursing, A college of Physiotherapy is the next step in this arena.

I wish the Society’s endeavour very bright future.


Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi
International Educator