Conferences and Webinar attained by all the staff

Conferences and Webinar attained by all the staff

There were conferences and webinar attained by all the staff as follows-
• Basic workshop in Research methodology conducted by MUHS organised by GES’s SDMSG INTR, Nashik held from 25/09/2019 to 27/09/2019.
• Webinar on “Enterprise Leadership-The Need of Time” conducted by SMRK-BK-AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya on 28th June 2020.
• National webinar on creating a suitable ambiance to ‘Work from home’ more effectively! conducetd by SMRK-BK-AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya on 10th August 2020.
• Training for online webinar on “Use of technology in student assessment” conducted by MUHS on 25th may 2020.
• Webinar on “Awareness of e-content development” conducted by GES’s Digicon Committee on 25th to 27th june 2020.
• Principal Dr.Basavaraj Chandu (PT) attended the online “RANGSPARSH 2020” which was dedicated in honour of Sir.Dr.M.S.Gosavi (secretory & director general og GES society)

E-Workshop of MUHS: Medicine Striving for Humanity

E-Workshop of MUHS: Medicine Striving for Humanity

On 16th September 2019, MUHS conducted E-workshop on “Medicine- Striving for Humanity” from 10:30 AM to 5:50PM. I BPTh students attended the E workshop with nursing students.

Dr. Sandeep Mane on “Doctor-Patient Relationship”

He explained the importance of communication between doctor and patient as well as relatives of patients. He gave examples of violence in hospitals and clinics happened few months back. To avoid those violence attacks, doctor should keep transparency in diagnosis and treatment of patient with everyone. He discussed about “Susamwaad Abhiyaan” too which is getting conducted all over Maharashtra. Questions and answer session conducted after his lecture.

Inauguration done at 12pm with lightening of the lamp.

Introduction of chief guest followed by welcome address and chief guest speech.


Dr. Nilesh Surana: “Secret of Success- Effective Time Management”.

He explained ‘what is wastage of time’ and ‘how it happens’. Gave few examples of it with comparison of India and Japan. Explained the differences between time investment and time wastage. He also explained how to sort the time in day to day life question and answer session conducted after his lecture.


Dr. Matcheswala: Medical Profession- Realization of Opportunities”

He started with the example of army doctor- Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis in war of 1939

He explained professional opportunities for doctors in Maharashtra Parliament, Bollywood, health journalism, combined medical services, civil services like IAS, IPS, IRS. Also, a doctor can do MBA and handle a hospital administration. There is also master in health administration.

Question and answer session conducted after his lecture.

Dr. A. K. Tupkari “The Human side of a doctors!”

He gave few key points for it:

  1. Never neglect emotional needs of patient.
  2. Keep meaningful relationship.
  3. Building of trust
  4. Trust resolving many issues

All these he explained with the “story of Faith”

Interactive session followed by lecture.

Dr. K. D. Chavan: “Ragging- A Sickness of mind”

He explained the meaning and definition of ragging which can be scolding, teasing, causing annoyance, harassing with persistence criticism etc.

Focused light on Why ragging occurs- origin of ragging, reasons of ragging, impact on victim, changes because of ragging, etc.

Explained about the punishment for ragging, suggestions to avoid it.

It was followed by interactive session.


Dr.Nikita Pathak(PT)

Assistant Professor GES COPT & HCM

Dr.Basavaraj Chandu


World Physiotherapy Day 2020

World Physiotherapy Day 2020

Gokhale Education Society’s Sir.Dr.M.S.Gosavi college of Physiotherapy and Health Care Management conducted 3 sessions in a Webinar on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day, on 8th September 2020. The login of webinar started at 10 am. After welcoming all students and introduction of webinar, Dr.Basavraj Chandu (PT), Principal GES’s S.D.M.S.G COPT & HCM started with 1st session on strengthening exercises, from 10:30am to 12pm. Dr. Vidhi Sanghvi (PT) who is strength & conditioning expert, conducted 2nd session on aerobic conditioning & general fitness from 12 pm to 1:30pm. After lunch break of 1 hour, 3rd session was conducted by Dr. Nikita Pathak (PT) on stretching technique from 2:30pm to 4pm. It was highly knowledgeable sessions for students.

All the students from II BPTh winter batch, I BPTh summer batch and odd batch, total 79 students attended all 3 sessions from their home.

International yoga day 2020

International yoga day 2020

Webinar taken by Dr.Nikita Pathak (PT) on the occasion of International Yoga day on 21st June 2020. She has done diploma in yoga teacher and taken various yoga classes with Yog Vidya Dham Nashik. The webinar was from 9am to 10am.

40 students from I BPTh batch were attended this webinar. All performed variopus asanas like Trikonasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana, Matyasana, Padmasana, Sidhhasana, Paschimottanasana etc. Nadishuddhi pranayama and kapalbhati pranayama also performed by everyone.

MUHS Foundation Day 2020

MUHS Foundation Day 2020

MUHS foundation was celebrated in GES’s SDMSG COPT & HCM on 10th june 2020 in college campus. MUHS’s flag was hoisted by Principal Dr.Basavaraj Chand(PT). It was followed by national anthem.

Due to corona pandemic, everyone followed the social distancing and everyone used mask and sanitiser. Dr.Nikita Pathak (PT), Dr.Sarita Kulkarni (PT), Mr.Ashish Kulkarni, Mr. Vikas Gawale were present.

Skills Development Programme

Skills Development Programme

Objectives: To enable the physiotherapy students to:

  • acquire necessary oral and written Communication Skills in English, essential for academic and professional success
  • build up their vocabulary for better comprehension and presentation
  • develop their personality by possessing Hard Skills and Soft Skills for better job opportunities
Day & Date Time Topic Resource Person
Thursday, 28/02/2019 9.00 – 11.00 am Acquiring Communication and Soft Skills for Developing Personality Prof. Satish Kulkarni
Tuesday,* 12/03/2019 11.00- 1.00 pm Developing Listening Skills Prof. Gitanjali Gitay
Wednesday 13/03/2019 9.00- 11.00 am Developing Reading Skills Dr. Shayonti Talwar
Thursday 14/03/2019 9.00- 11.00 am Developing Speaking Skills Prof. Pratibha Ghuge
Friday 15/03/2019 9.00- 11.00 am Developing Writing Skills Dr. Pranav Ratnaparkhi
Saturday 16/03/2019 9.00- 11.00 am Building Up Vocabulary Prof. Gitanjali Gitay
Monday 18/03/2019 9.00- 11.00 am Presentation Skills Prof. Ghanshyam Borate
Tuesday, 19/03/2019 9.00- 11.00 am Preparing for Oral Tests/Vivas, Practical Examinations, Demonstrations, Case Studies, Interviews Dr. Pranav Ratnaparkhi & Prof. Ghanshyam Borate

Dr. Pranav Ratnaparkhi (Co-Coordinator) Prof. Satish Kulkarni (Coordinator) Dr. Basavraj Chandu (Principal) Resource Persons

  • Prof. Satish Kulkarni –Emeritus Prof. R. H. Sapat College of Engineering, Nasik.
  • Dr. Pranav Ratnaparkhi – Asst. Prof., Dept. of English, HPT Arts & RYK Science College, Nasik.
  • Prof. Gitanjali Gitay- Asst. Prof., Dept. of English SMRK-BK-AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nasik.
  • Dr. Shayonti Talwar- Asst. Prof., Dept. of English RNC Arts, JDB Commerce & NSC Science College, Nasik Road.
  • Prof. Ghanshyam Borate – Asst. Prof., Dept. of English, SDMSG Polytechnic College, Nasik Road