All students and staff of GES’s Sir. Dr. M.S.Gosavi, College of Physiotherapy and health care management, Nashik celebrated Teachers day on 5TH September 2019.
The celebration was conducted from 03.00 to 04.00pm which included various activities like Welcoming of the Chief guest followed by Prayer,Society Anthem and felicitation of the Chief guest,Principal sir and rest all the teachers of the College.

We were blessed to have a Chief Guest Mr. V. N. Suryawanshi Principal, H. P.T. Arts & R.Y.K. Science College,Nashik.Address by Chief guest Mr.V.N Suryawanshi sir was quite motivating and inspiring for the entire audience. Principal Dr.Basavraj sir spoke about the significance of Guru in our Life and to have a learning attitude throughout the Life.Program was concluded by singing the National anthem.

International Yoga day 2019

All students and staff of GES’s Sir. Dr. M.S.Gosavi, college of Physiotherapy and health care management, Nashik celebrated International Yoga day on 21st June 2019 in college. We were blessed to have a Yoga teacher Mr. Gajanan Kadam who is a National winner of yoga competition and well known yoga teacher in Nasik.

He took a session from 11:30 am to 12:30pm. He had also performed the asanas to guide the audience. He explained the importance of each asanas and pranayama. Students and staff performed the asanas and pranayama with great enthusiasm.


World book day

World book day

Date- 23rd April 2019

On the occasion of World book day college students were given topics like My Favorite book, Experience of reading, Book-connection with my life and asked to submit a write up on any one of the above topic.

On the same day Principal Dr.Basavaraj Chandu was invited as chief guest in GES’s SDMSG college of commerce and science. He spoke about importance of books in our life

Free Physiotherapy Camp

Free Physiotherapy Camp

Gokhale Education Society’s Sir. Dr.M.S.Gosavi College of Physiotherapy and Health Care Management conducted a “Free Physiotherapy Camp” from 15th to 20th April 2019 at Physiotherapy OPD of college.

Total 118 patients took the benefit of the camp and 142 patients subsequently turned up for the follow up treatment throughout the week.

Treatment was given by Principal Dr. Basavaraj Chandu, assistant professors Dr. Vaibhav Mahajan and Dr.Nikita Pathak. I BPTh students were also posted in college physiotherapy OPD during the camp for observation and assistance.

The patients with the following health problems took the treatment-

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, heel pain, weight loss and weight gain, post fracture stiffness, restless leg syndrom, breathlessness, hemiparesis, etc.

Review of Physiotherapy camp- April 2019

Sr. no Conditions treated Percentage
1. Shoulder pain 07%
2. Back pain 23%
3. Neck pain 12%
4. Knee pain 17%
5. Ankle pain 17%
6. Cardiovascular problems 03%
7. Post fracture stiffness 03%
8. Rheumatoid arthritis 02%
9. Others 16%

BMI of patients

Sr no. BMI No. Of patients
1. Underweight 03
2. Normal weight 38
3. overweight 39
4. obese 24

Waist- hip ratio

Males Excellent (<0.85) Good (0.85-0.89) Average (0.90-0.95) At risk (0.95)
No. of patients 5 6 11 15
Females Excellent (<0.75) Good (0.75-0.79) Average (0.80-0.86) At risk (0.86)
No. of patients 4 1 16 23

Blood donation camp

Blood donation camp

Date- 8th April 2019

Our college participated in blood donation camp on the occasion of world health day SDMSG Institute Of Nursing Education, Training & Research in collaboration with Samta Blood Bank on 8/04/2019 from 11 am to 5 pm.

Our teaching, non teaching staff and students donated blood with prior check up & confirmation from blood bank officials.

World Down Syndrome day 2019

World Down Syndrome day 2019

Date- 21st March 2019

Our college participated in Health check up camp on “World Down Syndrome day” Organized by ‘Down Syndrome Care Association India’

Our staff and students participated as Physiotherapy team from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and assessed around 90 Down syndrome kids. Our staff actively participated in expert-parent talk and demonstrated necessary exercises as a part of home exercise program and parental education program. Dr Vaibhav Mahajan spoke on early and late physiotherapy intervention. The lecture was received well and appreciated by the parents of down syndrome kids. Small documentary of this has been telecasted on DD Sahyadri channel on 23rd of march.

Annual prize distribution ceremony

Annual prize distribution ceremony

Date- 11th March 2019

College celebrated its first annual prize distribution ceremony from 10.00am to 12.00 noon.

Noted eminent Oncosurgeon Dr Raj Nagarkar of HCG Manavata cancer center, Nashik graced the occasion as chief guest, Dr Ram Kulkarni sir (Zonal secretary, Nashik Zone GES) was Guest of Honour, function was Presided by Sir Dr M.S.Gosavi (Secretary General and Director GES)

Speeches and motivational words from the eminent dignitaries showed a new path to the staff and students of the college to be followed in professional life.

Cultural days

Cultural days

Date- 8th and 9th march 2019

Our college celebrated cultural days on 8th and 9th march from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. (schedule attached)

Winners of different cultural events


Solo Dance Solo Singing
1st – Disha Kulkarni 1st – Disha Kulkarni
2nd – Damini Chaudhari 2nd – Shraddha Borade


Duet Dance Duet Singing
1st – Lakshika Singhi and Jagruti Sarode 1st – Darshana Ghodke and Priyal Shah
2nd – Disha Kulkarni and Darshana Ghodke 2nd – Hemal Maknikar and Vallari Tambe

Group Dance

Winner Group B- Amisha Ghorpade, Hemal Maknikar, Disha kulkarni, Priyal Shah, Madiha Ansari, Shital Bergad, Muskan Sharma, Damini Chaudhari, Hrutika Govande, Uzjma Maniyar, Vallari Tambe, Darshana Ghodke, Daniel Gavit

Group Singing

Winner Group C- Mansi Mahadik, Priyal Shahi, Khushbu Parate, Lakshika Singhi, Akash Dube, Anjali Bansode, Jagruti Sarode, Shivani Upasani, Prajakta Narkar, Shafi Raad, Pawan Ranshur.

Fun Games

  1. Balloon blast – 1st Aditya Darade, 2nd Jagruti Sarode
  2. Bucket and Ball – 1st Shital Bergad, 2nd Khushbu Parate
  3. News paper cut – 1st Lakshika Singhi and Shrushti Jadhav
  4. Paper run – 1st Prachi Sompura and shraddha Borade
  5. Cooking without Heating – 1st Hemal maknikar and Daniel Gavit, 2nd Akash Dube and Shrushti Jadhav
  6. Paint without Brush – 1st Khushbu Parate, 2nd Hemal Maknikar
  7. Quiz compitition – 1st Sakshi chhatani and shraddha Borade, 2nd Lakshika Singhi and Neha Khirekar

Sports days

Sports days

Date- 6th and 7th march 2019

Our college celebrated sports days on 6th and 7th march from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. 6th march opening ceremony done by Prof P.M. Deshpande sir, Project director (Gokhale education society)

Sprint Run

100 m sprint running 400 m sprint running
1st – Damini chaudhari 1st – Nikhil Gonge
2nd -Prachi Sompura 2nd – Kunal patil
3rd – Mansi Mahadik 3rd – Shafi Raad


Best batsman of the match- Damini Chaudhari

Best bowler of the match- Amisha Ghorpade

Best fielder & All rounder of the match- Prachi Sompura

Mix Volley ball match

Winner B Team – Nikhil gonge, Pawan Ranshur, Prathmesh Deshmukh, Prachi Sompura, Anjali Basode, Jagruti Sarode, Daniel Gavit

Throwball Match

Winner A Team – Vaishnavi Tajanpure, Neha Khirekar, Leena Tawade, Anjali Bansode, Uzjma Maniyar, Mansi Mahadik, Priyal Shahi, Pritha Gandhi, Damini Chaudhari, Vallari Tambe, Sheetal Bergad, Disha Kulkarni

Indoor Games

Chess Tournament Carrom Tournament
1st – Shafi Raad 1st- Prathmesh Deshmukh
2nd – Disha Kulkarni 2nd – Shafi Raad


Nashik Marathon 2019

Nashik Marathon 2019

Date- 24th february 2019

Our college represented in Nashik police marathon an initiative by Nashik city police to support the cause of Gender equality and women’s safety.

Our staff and students were posted at different locations along the marathon route of 42km as a member of medical team and provided necessary physiotherapy and first aid services to the needy athletes. Staff and students were present from 4.00 am to 10.00 am at their respective locations.

Participation was acknowledged by presenting a Momento and appreciation certificates for all the participants from Nashik police (organizers).